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Nagoya Meshi

A Food Battle Zone. Nagoya's Famous Dishes!
Here are 15 kinds of "Nagoya-meshi" elected by a popular vote in Nagoya.

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  • Triple the taste and the fun!


    Barbecued eel cut into small pieces and served on rice. You can enjoy it in 3 different ways.

  • The rich soybean-malt miso and noodles are a heavenly combination!

    Misonikomi Udon

    Earthen hot pot with udon noodles cooked in a red miso soup that really warms you up.

  • The perfect harmony between miso and deep-fried breaded cutlet!


    Deep-fried breaded pork cutlet and fried skewered cutlets covered in rich, sweet soybean-malt miso.

  • A Japanese style pub dish that is perfect with beer!


    Fried chicken wings with a sweet, spicy sauce.

  • Amazing texture of flat noodles!


    Flat noodles served in a thick soy sauce–based sweet broth.

  • An addicting spicy, thick sauce!

    Ankake spaghetti

    Nagoya’s original pasta served with a thick sauce.

  • Cute rice balls with shrimp tempura sticking out


    Bite-sized rice balls, made of shrimp tempura wrapped in rice and nori. Delicious even cold.

  • Get hooked on the rich sweet-saltiness of soybean-malt miso!


    Pork and beef organ meats stewed in soybean-malt miso.

  • Pasta with a ketchup-based sauce cooked on a hot iron plate

    Teppan Spaghetti

    The pasta is served over a beaten egg on a hot iron plate.

  • Nagoya's unique extra-spicy ramen

    Taiwan Ramen

    Nagoya’s fiery hot version of Taiwanese Danzi noodles.

  • Soybean-malt miso oden with a rich flavor

    Miso Oden

    Oden with ingredients stewed in sweet soybean-malt miso. Enjoy at Japanese style pubs and convenience stores.

  • A coffee shop confectionery that melds Western and Japanese styles

    Ogura Toast

    Popular Nagoya morning dish of buttered bread topped with sweet Ogura bean paste.

  • An unmissable for prawn lovers


    Crispy deep-fried prawns. One whole deep-fried prawn is surprisingly filling.

  • Famous udon noodles that have evolved in a unique way

    Curry Udon

    Nagoya style udon; thick, bouncy noodles cooked in a rich, full-bodied, spicy roux.

  • One of the three top types of locally produced chickens in Japan

    Nagoya Cochin Chicken

    Nagoya locally produced chicken. A rich flavor with aromatic fat and a good texture.